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Sat Sep 28, 2013, 10:51 PM

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Just completed the orientation for my new job. Next on the list is a few job shadows before I can be put in the schedule for clients. Very excited and a little nervous about it. After all, I want to do my job well! Also met one of my boss' dogs, a beautiful Husky/Malinois mix named Merlin! He's a sweetheart and so well behaved for a young pup!

If I am busy with clients, I may not be able to get to messages right away. However, you are still more than welcome to send me them and I'll get back to you as soon as I can if I am busy. Again, those who have my Skype may also message me when I am away.

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If I can, I'll try to work on some artwork. My tablet's collecting dust under my nightstand drawer and I still have plenty of pen nibs to go through. However, I think most of it will be in my Stash until I feel confident enough to really post it on the gallery. So I'll be using Stash a lot.

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Wow, so I still haven't touched my fanfic list at all. You know what, I'm just gonna put those three fic prompts on the back burner for now. That lovely spark of writing inspiration keeps running away from me. I should probably take baby steps... I mean, it has been 4 years after all. Sorry guys.

Once again, some pairings are iffy with people and that's okay. If a pairing isn't your cup of tea, that little back button at the upper lefthand corner of your screen will be your friend. I promise you there will be no smut and nothing that's illegal.

I'm gonna wrap this up. If you need to talk to me, my note inbox is always open. Take care, everyone.

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Welcome to my page! Feel free to shoot me a message, as I do my best to reply to each and every note and comment that finds its way into my inbox. Honchkrow will be your guide, so be sure to listen to what he says when you have a question you wish to ask. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Got anything shiny for me?

430 by CunningCorvid

Support Dezi Stamp by SLMGregory

I am into these fandoms:

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBotTrauma Team

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBotSherlock Holmes (Guy Ritchie version)

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBotIron Man

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot Various video games (ex: Pokemon, Zelda, Okami, etc)

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Commissions are closed! Please don't ask about when we will open them up. They will open when prices and offers have been decided. Thanks for your patience!

430 by CunningCorvid

430 by CunningCorvid I'm not taking commissions right now, but when I get enough practice in, I'll see if anyone wants to buy one with points.

I'll provide details later. And policies will be made as well.

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBotPolicies:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot

430 by CunningCorvid I'm not anal about people sending me thank-you's for faving artwork, but I'm most likely not going to respond to them because I don't want to spam everyone's inbox with 'you're welcome' all the time. But thank you's and llamas are always welcome! (Points are welcome too!)

430 by CunningCorvid I don't like to say no to people so please don't ask for requests or points. I don't do requests at all save for very close friends of mine.

430 by CunningCorvid Also, please don't advertise your gallery on here. Joining groups and submitting artwork to them is a much better way for getting your art some more exposure. I'm not a popular artist so I don't think it's gonna help if you ask me to look at your stuff.

430 by CunningCorvid Some of my artwork or stories will contain pairings that you might not agree with. There won't be anything illegal of course, but please refrain from trying to start 'shipping wars' on my page or comments. I'm not okay with that sort of thing. Fandoms are supposed to be fun and a way for people to connect because they have the same interest. It's not supposed to be something taken way too seriously. That just ruins the fun, y'know? I'm sure the last thing anyone wants to deal with is drama. Let's act mature in fanbases, alright?

430 by CunningCorvid Overall, practice good manners, use common sense, and enjoy yourself. This page is meant to be a safe environment for everyone.

Everyone, please keep Lucalucario (aka Hilly) in your thoughts and prayers. Let us hope she is safe and sound during the events of Typhoon Haiyan. 

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